demons invaded you, rage wrapped you up,
impotence consumed your peace.
It was unavoidable not to think.
Tranquility? was not possible,
imagining him by his side overwhelmed you.

Insomnia had become your faithful companion,
the pain was great, your soul cried, sought peace,
but you couldn’t find it,
in between drinks you were wondering why he does it?
although you felt empty you wanted to see them,
to know what he was doing next to him, doing you even more harm.
Desolate you reproached yourself…
What happened to love? What was my mistake?
You felt something was missing in you… You were no longer as young as she perhaps,
or your skin so smooth that it drives him crazy,
there was no longer a slender figure that he walked around with his hands.
His absence made you feel irreparably mutilated, sometimes wishing to have him by your side, even giving you whirlwind caresses,
but give you peace of mind,
just waking up from that nightmare, just breathing again was your longing,
as before, as always.
Did you love him so much?
Your denial of reality drove you crazy,
then one Sunday afternoon you walked non-stop,
something taken and exhausted from so much pain,
the demons were still there, stalking your peace,
winning the game..
Then with your life you decided to end, then for a man you stopped fighting, throwing yourself into an abyss, the sea where your body lies today, which you thought would make you rest, now you are no longer ..
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Frida: Inspirational, Brave and Warrior

Inspiring woman, brave and warrior, victim of adversities and setbacks of life, how did you endure so much? I admire your impetus and firmness, your courage, your boldness. Great friend of your father, renowned photographer, third of four brothers, with a difficult childhood and a disease afflicted your body as a child, yet you survived the misfortune.
It was at the age of 18, the most difficult moment for you, life is hard again, perhaps you would think that fate was raging and did not allow your happiness, then a terrible accident is part of your life leaving you prostrate in a bed for a long time, but there you became an artist, there you discovered a great hidden talent, there you understood what you carry inside and expressed it on the canvas, there you learned to interpret your feelings and show them to the world. Painting yourself was your passion, and an escape to your pain, saying “this is me”, filled you in spite of the circumstances.
After a while came love, sweet but at the same time bitter, the maturity of a gentleman who perhaps made you feel protected, safe, and whom you loved passionately, but who brought with him stormy moments, disdains and infidelities, painful betrayals and thus the hard news of your inability to procreate as a sequel to that terrible circumstance. It was a difficult stage, and he, Diego, a love that as you said left you “emotionally invalid”, moments of confusion, challenges, failures but also successes where 200 paintings, including more than 50 self-portraits expressed your being, your physical and emotional pain, they were your relief and brought out the deepest part of your being and the world could know it.
This great and most original artist from Mexico dies on July 13, 1954, at the age of just 47 with the desire to be cremated, “When I die, burn my body…I don’t want to be buried. I have spent a lot of time lying down, simply burn it! Her ashes today rest in the same house where she was born, today the Frida Khalo Museum, as they say to be there is to feel her presence, it is the sensation of walking around the place still intact, as I leave it.
An inspiring, brave and warrior woman….

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My pet

“Hello my name is Pamela Sophia, but at home they call me “Pame”, I’m three years old and I’m the spoiled of the house, my human parents love me very much, my mommy buys me clothes and makes my ties like the one I look like today for you, I tell you that I love to go out for my walks every morning, I still have not had a boyfriend, I think my human mom wants me to be a little nun dog. I am a very lucky pet because every day I am filled with love and affection, I have the best family in the world.”

¡Dile NO to animal maltreated!


Night of Terror

They had barely moved into that house, although the locals looked at them insistently as if they wanted to warn something, they ignored them, they tried not to touch the inhabitants of that remote village. Laura, a beautiful young blonde with long hair and her mother, had been left alone, her father would have died in a car accident, her mother had acquired that house at a very good price, they wanted to be alone after living the sad moment of their loss.
It was a somewhat gloomy house, large and with long corridors. The first few nights were difficult for Laura, it was difficult for her to fall asleep, she usually left a lamp lit to sleep but the crackling of the strong winds constantly opened the windows and did not allow her to rest. As the days went by both of them became accustomed to the noises, to the strange details such as the long strands of black hair in various parts of the house

A few days later, on a cold Halloween night when a great storm was unleashed, a terrible nightmare awoke Laura, startled and with a hectic breath she immediately wanted to turn on the light but the electricity didn’t work, then a loud noise was heard on the upper floor. Terrified the girl wanted to get to her mother’s room while she felt the wall of the corridor in complete darkness, finding herself with an open door of one of the rooms, suddenly something pushed her towards the room, Laura shouted desperately to her mother but her cries could not be heard, the reflection of a flash of lightning allowed her to see in front of her a woman with white complexion and long black hair, terror seized her trying to run away after seeing that terrible woman, but it was in vain, the door closed tightly while that terrible specter emitted a Dantesque laughter, only the window was there, open, Laura only wanted to escape that night…

A year has passed since then, those who now live in that house have heard some noises trying to ignore them but little Daniel that cold Halloween night during a great storm did not let cry, the dog barked insistently, the mother after hearing a cry at the end of the corridor runs scared looking for the little one, but has only found in empty cot since then lost the reason … That night the locals heard again that frightful laughter, but this time from two women…

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the son of evil

The house was alone for 50 years, it is said that a man committed suicide one night after killing his wife when he found her with his lover. In the village there is little talk about it, as she was the daughter of an important person in the area. When Pedro and Jeannet bought the place, strange things began to happen, there were noises, screams, footprints in the big house, but they tried to ignore what was happening. Then began the problems between them, fights discussions without major reason were already common, the situation was unsustainable at the same time of the strange things that happened in the house.

After a few months something very strange happened, Jeannet became pregnant while her husband was away, she couldn’t understand it, she didn’t know how to explain it. When Petter found out and got angry, his jealousy took over, ending his wife’s life and then his own. No one knew what had happened, or who was the father of that baby, some local believers say it was best because that child would be the son of evil.

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Just sleep, mom.

Every minute of life was a challenge for her, her eyes could barely open to see the face of her son always by her side, who spent sleepless nights taking care of his sleep. As she looked out the window she could remember the moments she had lived, she smiled, but also saddened, as tears came discreetly out of her eyes, how many things could go through her head? The persistence of her illness and pain led her to desire death, yet she did not surrender to it by observing the suffering in her son’s gaze, thus postponing the “peace” it could offer her, renouncing to diminish the pain, and struggling a little for a few more days of life.

She felt the immeasurable need to approach a supreme being, she was looking for something, something that would offer her tranquility, she was looking for faith everywhere, in words, people, churches, religions, why not look before him? why now? she asked herself, but she was still there, she knew that he would listen to her prayers, she wanted to live, even if her body gave her signs to the contrary.

In spite of the pain her smile was her best weapon, she always tried to do it, she, her malignant companion, could not erase it, even in her painful medical sessions, immersed in medicines, even when her body refused to intense treatments, she made the best effort, from the hand of her son, who was her cane, her friend and accomplice, together they faced her managing to win some battles.

But his son could see his fight that afternoon disguised with a slight smile invented for him, he took his hand quietly caressing his uncertainty, as if he did not want to get rid of it, he knew he suffered, the pain assaulted her, that mitigating it was absurd, evil had taken hold of her.

He loved her with all his being, so he approached her with a prolonged and tender kiss on her forehead, he knew it was the last one, only three words with a choppy voice as a result of a knot in his throat, he said: “only mother rests”, and an ephemeral smile from his mother bid farewell to the moment, that afternoon the tenuous rays of the sun came in through the window and fell on his now grayish face submerged in a deep sleep, and without pain

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They only have you…

Do you really love him? Do you want him? Was he really part of your family?
Love for animals says a lot about human beings, they as helpless and innocent beings need our love. Many of us share in our homes with those wonderful beings who day by day give us all their love, loyalty, affection. When we arrive home after a long, difficult, heavy day, they receive us with the greatest love in the world, quickly beating their tail and running with joy from one side to the other, they are like that, noble and transparent.

They grew up with us, with our children, they are PART OF THE FAMILY, they are OUR FAMILY, so why the abandonment of these little ones? what happens to us? insensitivity has won us over? Why abandon them? They are like children, they cannot understand what happens when they are abandoned, they feel cold, hunger, they do not understand what is happening, they are no longer at home, they are disoriented.
I can’t help but feel an immense sadness when I see how the publications of abandoned animals in search of temporary or definitive homes are increasingly repeated, a great task that many foundations are doing. Very hungry animals in the street on the verge of death, unfortunately this is the reality lived in Venezuela, yes, it is true, but that will be the only solution? Abandon them? Give them away? It is time to reflect, Enough is enough!

Within my sadness I feel a great discomfort for those people who find it more facial to abandon these little ones, fortunately others with a big heart have done humanly possible to keep them by their side and even take them with them anywhere, that’s love, they are like their children, and would NEVER leave them. Yes, maybe they are diverse situations, maybe the circumstances are difficult and I make judgments a priori, but to do what is humanly possible for them is to give back that love they give us without conditions, hopefully we are more people with big hearts. Remember that They feel the same and only have you…

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Borrowed love

Even at dawn the day is dark,
the night almost awake
because you were only watching his dream.
You dress again with your rigid armour,
the one that tries to hide the pain and makes you look strong.
Plunged into helplessness
you feel that your life is there,
you look to the sky and to the supreme you ask for strength
you argue with her, you ask her why,
your faith vanishes, but you return in search of it..
You are her lap, her almohoda,
your kisses have the gift of relieving his pain,
everything will pass small! you say to him with certainty,
your arms become your greatest security
and the beats of his heart in your serenity.
You avoid sinking into a sea of despair but tears inevitably come, you feel a void in your heart, but you cling to a hope and look again to Heaven Where are you Lord?
You go back to his side, then you whisper to his ear: “A garden full of flowers awaits you, where you can run and be happy, I will go later and embrace you very tightly, never to let you go”.
An ephemeral smile detached his face, a sweet look gave some peace to your heart, but then a deep sigh fired hope, now his hands no longer squeeze yours, his eyes can no longer see shine, now dream deeply in that beautiful place.
It’s the darkest day of all, even if you feel that you don’t breathe and a burning burn your soul, even if the words of the world sound empty, even if you want to shout of anger and pain, you know that will pass, the calm will come to your life, because 5 years of love borrowed, showed you how warlike you are, mom.

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A warm look,
that undresses me as I pass,
I immerse myself in fantasies,
You take my mind to fly.

Me caresses without touching me,
and I don’t want to give up,
to live for an instant,
wins the desire to feel.


Waiting would be a torment,
my pores scream for you,
My body wants yours,
Don’t be late, come and get me.

An inevitable encounter,
led to the desired moment,
A kiss starts everything,
You got in my arms,
desperate caresses…

…the sweet honey from your lips,
your hands between mine,
between sheets we fight,
a struggle of dominion,
is unleashed, we don’t wait.



Then you make your entry,
furious wild beloved,
I receive you between caresses,
My legs have caught you,
my breasts are yours,
like a desperate madman.

Totally shuddering,
my wet body trembles,
merged into one,
exquisite orgasm you have arrived.

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Thank you for reading me.

Hidden innocence

One more day, you wake up, it’s 10 in the morning, even with make-up in your eyes, even with traces of an undesirable but real night, then in your bed a deep sigh comes out of you, you think about your family, about the lie of a decent job, your parents need to survive, paying for college is your priority, you feel that you must do it, even if you don’t want to, every day you try to ignore the past, you erase yesterday..
The phone rings, a new appointment is added to your agenda, executive coat and tie will be waiting for you tonight, money abounds, feelings are facing you inside, joy, relief, anger, annoyance, anger, that’s when you wonder why you do it, that’s when you want to erase that day when your friend convinced you to do it, that’s when you recognize that vanity and desire to be beautiful clouded your reason.
Although your appearance is different, your ineffable beauty and your overflowing sensuality, although your eyes shine with a false blue and your long and abundant hair attract those who cross your path, you are still that simple, natural girl, who sometimes looks out to look at that hard world, but you force to hide inside you..
You’re not her and you know it, you don’t know the girl in the mirror, makeup, surgeries and voluptuousness characterize you, beautiful garments adorn you, luxurious gifts you receive and embellish you, and expensive places you frequent now, they display you as a prize, they show you as theirs, and even if you are wiped out by society, you don’t care, even if your dreams are torn away you decided that way..
Then comes the hour when you don’t want to think, when you want the weather to make his flight, the moment when he undresses your shame, when he releases your bra the caresses from his hands are like thorns, when you are invaded by aversion, repulsion, boredom, when you must accept that your body does not belong to you, when you do not want to think, do not want to breathe, but you must do it, you must smile, do your job and make him happy…
Wake up, one more day, it’s 10 in the morning, after a long shower where you try to erase that night, amnesia becomes your best friend, you get ready, because the mall is waiting for you…

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