the son of evil

The house was alone for 50 years, it is said that a man committed suicide one night after killing his wife when he found her with his lover. In the village there is little talk about it, as she was the daughter of an important person in the area. When Pedro and Jeannet bought the place, strange things began to happen, there were noises, screams, footprints in the big house, but they tried to ignore what was happening. Then began the problems between them, fights discussions without major reason were already common, the situation was unsustainable at the same time of the strange things that happened in the house.

After a few months something very strange happened, Jeannet became pregnant while her husband was away, she couldn’t understand it, she didn’t know how to explain it. When Petter found out and got angry, his jealousy took over, ending his wife’s life and then his own. No one knew what had happened, or who was the father of that baby, some local believers say it was best because that child would be the son of evil.

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Terror in the bathroom

In the bathroom of the school, Sophia heard noises coming from the third cubicle, a space closed by the existing humidity, she thought that someone could be inside, when she looked underneath she realized that she was wrong. Only a year ago in Japan I had heard about Hanako-san, the spirit of a teenager who lived in the bathrooms on the fourth floor. Suddenly a chill covered her entire body, the front door closing unexpectedly.

She heard her name whisper behind that door, her incredulity led her to force that handle when she opened it, her eyes saw the horror, a young woman enraged with black hair, bloody, with a diabolical look. A terrified cry was heard throughout the school, Sophia’s body never appeared, only her blood was found in that cubicle.

This story is based on one of the most popular legends in Japanese schools.
Hanako-San is a ghost girl who lives in the third cubicle of the bathrooms. The origin of this character has many versions, one of them or considered the heaviest, is the suicide of an adolescent in one of the bathrooms, a product of the pressure in their environment in terms of obtaining good grades, a situation that occurs even in children and adolescents.

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