demons invaded you, rage wrapped you up,
impotence consumed your peace.
It was unavoidable not to think.
Tranquility? was not possible,
imagining him by his side overwhelmed you.

Insomnia had become your faithful companion,
the pain was great, your soul cried, sought peace,
but you couldn’t find it,
in between drinks you were wondering why he does it?
although you felt empty you wanted to see them,
to know what he was doing next to him, doing you even more harm.
Desolate you reproached yourself…
What happened to love? What was my mistake?
You felt something was missing in you… You were no longer as young as she perhaps,
or your skin so smooth that it drives him crazy,
there was no longer a slender figure that he walked around with his hands.
His absence made you feel irreparably mutilated, sometimes wishing to have him by your side, even giving you whirlwind caresses,
but give you peace of mind,
just waking up from that nightmare, just breathing again was your longing,
as before, as always.
Did you love him so much?
Your denial of reality drove you crazy,
then one Sunday afternoon you walked non-stop,
something taken and exhausted from so much pain,
the demons were still there, stalking your peace,
winning the game..
Then with your life you decided to end, then for a man you stopped fighting, throwing yourself into an abyss, the sea where your body lies today, which you thought would make you rest, now you are no longer ..
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Dreams on pause…

With sadness you look in the mirror, you’re not the same anymore,
Your body’s changed, your skin’s stained.
Tight clothing has been left behind.
that beautiful, youthful figure is a thing of the past..
They were magical moments,
in that moment lived your heart was flooded with stars,
in your stomach fluttered the so-called butterflies,
a teenage passion you lived, then you thought you knew love..
But the dream soon ended and the illusion vanished,
Your heart’s broken, that boy’s gone,
your innocence, your purity, it’s gone, but he’s left something in you…
You see them having fun and you miss those moments,
you want to be “normal”, like before, parties, friends,
but reality hits you at times
and those around you remind you of it every moment…
You’re still a child but with a life in your belly,
fear catches you, uncertainty overwhelms you
resignation and responsibility are now your options,
dreams have been paused, only paused…
But you assume it, wipe your tears and look at the world,
It won’t be easy, you’ve been told, but you walk in front of life,
and prepare for his arrival,
you will fill him with love, you tell him that every day and it will become your reason for being…

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The work of a hero

Without expecting anything in return
love unconditional deliveries
when you take it with you
makes you vibrate with emotion.

You take that little
giving your best coat,
you give all your affection,
having in your mind a dream…

To be able to provide you with a home
an abandoned puppy
a life of hunger and mistreatment
you want to be in the past.

That is your daily task,
to rescue these innocents,
victims of many people
without conscience and feelings,
who have abandoned them,
becoming very helpless.

A still small space,
you seek to have at home,
food and a coat,
for you it is fundamental
leaving even your life
for them to protect.


They only have you…

Do you really love him? Do you want him? Was he really part of your family?
Love for animals says a lot about human beings, they as helpless and innocent beings need our love. Many of us share in our homes with those wonderful beings who day by day give us all their love, loyalty, affection. When we arrive home after a long, difficult, heavy day, they receive us with the greatest love in the world, quickly beating their tail and running with joy from one side to the other, they are like that, noble and transparent.

They grew up with us, with our children, they are PART OF THE FAMILY, they are OUR FAMILY, so why the abandonment of these little ones? what happens to us? insensitivity has won us over? Why abandon them? They are like children, they cannot understand what happens when they are abandoned, they feel cold, hunger, they do not understand what is happening, they are no longer at home, they are disoriented.
I can’t help but feel an immense sadness when I see how the publications of abandoned animals in search of temporary or definitive homes are increasingly repeated, a great task that many foundations are doing. Very hungry animals in the street on the verge of death, unfortunately this is the reality lived in Venezuela, yes, it is true, but that will be the only solution? Abandon them? Give them away? It is time to reflect, Enough is enough!

Within my sadness I feel a great discomfort for those people who find it more facial to abandon these little ones, fortunately others with a big heart have done humanly possible to keep them by their side and even take them with them anywhere, that’s love, they are like their children, and would NEVER leave them. Yes, maybe they are diverse situations, maybe the circumstances are difficult and I make judgments a priori, but to do what is humanly possible for them is to give back that love they give us without conditions, hopefully we are more people with big hearts. Remember that They feel the same and only have you…

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That’s enough

Enough is enough!
Enough of darkening my tranquility,
turn off my light and chain my life;
Enough of mitigating my smile,
of your blows, of your anger.

Enough is enough!
Enough of fears and fears,
to silence the absurd,
of threats of quarrels,
even in a cruel and mocking society.

Enough is enough!
Enough of amputating my longings,
to steal my dreams and goals,
manipulate feelings, isolate my ideas
to assassinate my dignity and lessen my sorrows…
… That’s enough!

Enough is enough, because my words are not mute,
because shame has been extinguished,
because courage came out to be free,
and my self-esteem has survived.
Enough of that scream drowned out in my throat,
of impotence, of brazenness,
to disguise of Hidalguía
the pain, the humiliation, the damage.

Enough is enough … because the gagged feeling,
in the darkness of a bad dream has dissipated,
and vexation severed the purest love,
that woman, who one day had clothed us…
It’s all over now.

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Leadership is a personal ability to influence all people based on an interdependent relationship between the leader and his followers within a given social context. They are those who guide others through their intellectual, emotional and psychological power. Authors such as González (2001), who has delved into the subject, affirms that after studying several definitions one could say that it is the intentional social influence exerted by a person on other people or groups that impels them to act in a certain direction for the attainment of the goals that represent their values and motivations. It is the capacity of charisma, power and energy that unfolds in the action to promote the individual and collective participation of the members of a group, institution, or company.

But what are the most predominant leadership styles in a group or organization?

Leadership Style

It is important to emphasize that until now no magical style of leadership has been discovered for a leader to be effective, since each manager has his own style, the best thing to do is to cultivate different forms that allow at a certain moment to correctly manage a situation, taking into account that, depending on how other people act, an effective communication will be obtained that will allow the proposed ends to be reached.
In this sense, the importance of the leader’s work to determine his own way of working, his perseverance and his dedication to lead his followers on the right path will be his guide to achieve the proposed ends by establishing his own style.
Gil and Alcover (1999) Point out four styles of leadership, although with a different terminology and certain discrepancies in some fundamental question, these are:

  • Interest in the task: The leader promotes high levels of productivity, it is he who organizes and defines the activities of the group according to the objectives of the group. Also referred to as production-centered, task-oriented production interest.
  • Interest in people: The leader cares about the needs, interests, problems, development, etc., of the other members of the group also called person-centered, person-centered interest.
  • Managerial leadership: The leader makes all the decisions that affect the functioning of the group and expects the members to follow the instructions. This undoubtedly makes quick decisions possible, so there is little participation of subordinates in the decisions of the company or organization. Also called authoritarian or autocratic leadership.
  • Participatory leadership: The leader shares with the members of the group the decisions that affect the functioning of the group, and there is a stimulus to its efficient participation. Also called democratic leadership.

  • It is important to note that there are occasions when the leader can change his style of leadership depending on the situations that arise at a given time, it is not always necessary to consider the opinions of the group for example, or perhaps according to a specific situation it is prudent to combine some of the styles mentioned above.

    “The supreme quality for leadership is, without a doubt, integrity. Without it no real success is possible, no matter if you are on a section band, on a football field, in an army, or in an office.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    Hidden innocence

    One more day, you wake up, it’s 10 in the morning, even with make-up in your eyes, even with traces of an undesirable but real night, then in your bed a deep sigh comes out of you, you think about your family, about the lie of a decent job, your parents need to survive, paying for college is your priority, you feel that you must do it, even if you don’t want to, every day you try to ignore the past, you erase yesterday..
    The phone rings, a new appointment is added to your agenda, executive coat and tie will be waiting for you tonight, money abounds, feelings are facing you inside, joy, relief, anger, annoyance, anger, that’s when you wonder why you do it, that’s when you want to erase that day when your friend convinced you to do it, that’s when you recognize that vanity and desire to be beautiful clouded your reason.
    Although your appearance is different, your ineffable beauty and your overflowing sensuality, although your eyes shine with a false blue and your long and abundant hair attract those who cross your path, you are still that simple, natural girl, who sometimes looks out to look at that hard world, but you force to hide inside you..
    You’re not her and you know it, you don’t know the girl in the mirror, makeup, surgeries and voluptuousness characterize you, beautiful garments adorn you, luxurious gifts you receive and embellish you, and expensive places you frequent now, they display you as a prize, they show you as theirs, and even if you are wiped out by society, you don’t care, even if your dreams are torn away you decided that way..
    Then comes the hour when you don’t want to think, when you want the weather to make his flight, the moment when he undresses your shame, when he releases your bra the caresses from his hands are like thorns, when you are invaded by aversion, repulsion, boredom, when you must accept that your body does not belong to you, when you do not want to think, do not want to breathe, but you must do it, you must smile, do your job and make him happy…
    Wake up, one more day, it’s 10 in the morning, after a long shower where you try to erase that night, amnesia becomes your best friend, you get ready, because the mall is waiting for you…

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    “Blows in front of the mirror.”

    “One more day, one more night, the marks are almost invisible on my face, they have almost disappeared a little, it is true, I drown in fear although to show it would be to continue dying in life, it is better to keep quiet, not to say anything, my children are my life, for them I resist humiliation, for them I give my peace, I don’t care, only they, you won’t make me change my ideas, maybe I can’t…

    Shhhhhhhhh silence! The monster is asleep, I don’t want him to wake up, I fear him, my soul is beaten, my skin, my body is no longer important, my dignity is no longer at stake, to be free, for what? I would find myself anywhere, like a hunter to his prey, it would make no sense….. shh, lower my voice, I can hear you, what? no! no! no! no! no! no! no, it would be absurd, don’t insist anymore.
    Everything will pass, he loves me, I know, in his heart he loves me, I will wait for everything to go back to the way it was before, he promised me that he would take care of me since I was a child, only that he has been in my life, my hope is still intact, my children need him


    I don’t want to go back to the room, that smell of alcohol bothers me, the stench of the cigar floods the bedroom, yes, I know, his clothes were crushed and stained with lipstick, but…. I prefer not to say anything, it is better this way, although inside the room anger takes hold of me, it is like a long tunnel where no glare appears, light reigns in the absence, yes, I live in darkness, sometimes I want it to end…… I shouldn’t cry, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it anymore, I have to clean up, it’s knocking on the door!

    He’s awake! He’s awake! Give me a moment! he doesn’t care, he gets upset when I don’t obey, he breaks into the place, he’s still drunk and very angry, I’m not by his side, he wants to see me. Forgive me, I won’t do it again!

    He hits my face, almost without me noticing it, he does it again, the blows don’t hurt anymore, but my soul is destroyed, it’s upset, my eyes are clouded and my tears are winning the battle – “Don’t cry shit”!

    I didn’t want to hear it anymore, I was just screaming! His strength threw me against the wall, I fell to the floor, not anymore! He keeps hitting me with his feet, my face is bleeding, I think it’s my mouth, maybe my nose, I don’t know, sometimes I think it’s better to die, rest, but, no! No! No! No! My children, they need me…I beg you on my knees please stop it, now! He stops, he finished….he lifts me up, he promised not to do it again, I believe him…

    This is the sad reality of millions of women in the world, victims of violence, humiliated, physically and psychologically abused, some have the courage to denounce and get ahead, others prefer to remain silent and endure for their children, out of fear and even out of necessity, all of them prone to be part of the lamentable statistics of deaths due to gender violence. Don’t be quiet! Report it!

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    Alessandra’s Diary: “Only my blanket knows.”

    “My flight was leaving at 9:00:00, everything was ready, my destination was my beloved Spain, my second home, I was going to visit my grandparents, after my divorce I thought the best thing was to distract myself a little, see other horizons, a vacation would not hurt me at all…. Already on the plane, very comfortable in my comfortable first class seat, a girl sits next to me, tall brunette, with little makeup, a ponytail, a sweater and jeans, not so young perhaps 32 years old, smiled as she said good night…. She was looking for conversation, I was looking for conversation, I, as always a little shy, we got a little confident, we talked about the weather and the unstable temperatures in the world, about the unseasoned food of the planes, I told her that I was coming from a recent divorce anyway…I felt that she, more than I, was looking for dialogue, but we had a harmonious conversation, not too long…

    After a while I felt a little tired, so I took my pillow, put on my mask that I usually wear on my long trips to get to sleep, took my gray blanket, (my first companion on trips) and put it on me, she told me I felt a little cold, her coat was in her suitcase and had not noticed to bring it in her handbag, my blanket was big enough and I invited her to take part of it. After about 20 minutes approximately, there was an apparently casual touch of her hands on my leg, I did not give it much importance, but then it was repeated again, it was then when I quickly took off my mask, she, only stared at me, the lights were already off, when asked if anything was wrong just whispered: everything is fine…

    After a while it happened again, she put her hand in my crotch, I admit I didn’t know what to do at the time, I was flabbergasted in my seat thinking whether to shout, hit her, push her, call the purser, but I felt ashamed, as she kept stroking me with her fingers under my blanket. His cynicism knew no bounds, he thought, but I do not know why I did not avoid it. After a while he unzipped my pants and when his hands reached my panties I knew I couldn’t do anything anymore, I didn’t want to be exposed, they were mixed feelings.

    In spite of this, I tried to close my legs to avoid her touching me, but she was still there, my gaze went away, as if to hide what was happening even though everyone on the plane was sleeping, I just wanted her to stop doing it, I didn’t know how to react, suddenly she reached my clitoris and caressed it with her fingers again and again, Without realizing it, I started to get excited, I couldn’t deny it, the heat was getting more and more intense even without wanting it, it was something I couldn’t control, I felt that I was getting wet, she, as if nothing was happening, cynical and indifferent, her eyes kept them closed but her hands and fingers were playing with my vulva, but what was going on? I’ve never experienced anything like this before, in fact I’m not a lesbian, I told myself. When I tried to move I just spread my legs more, which allowed the girl to put her fingers inside me even more and move them freely, there I realized that there was nothing I could do and I decided to just wait for it to finish soon.

    I only set out to look through the window, as if nothing was happening, while she was still there, damaging my intimacy, which was already very humid. After a few minutes I began to feel that I was making involuntary movements, I began to move back and forth, I couldn’t help it, I liked to do it, I knew it was crazy, but I wanted to experience it, and although in a tiny moment I stopped to think about the madness I was doing, I immediately left reason behind and just let myself go…

    My hips were still moving, the swaying was faster and faster, she fixed her gaze on me for a moment, smiled, closed her eyes, as she continued to caress the opening of my crotch inside and out with even faster movements. It was crazy, I know, but my imagination began to fly and fantasize, my excitement was more and more intense, without thinking about it I got up a little more and lowered my pants down to my knee, realizing that no one had seen me, no one except her, of course, that with a surprised expression on her face, she only said “perfect” which gave more freedom to the manual game and now also pinking a little under that accomplice blanket, my breasts, although with less intensity, since it could be more evident.

    Without realizing it, a spontaneous groan came out of me, my concentration was unique, I was devoted to her and to her game, my legs now even more open, they invited her to continue… I could never have imagined living something like this, but at that moment I just wanted to enjoy it and not finish it yet. His movements were perfect, at that moment I began to feel a great heat in my body, the orgasm had arrived, intense and furious as always, full of energy, hot and very humid, my body began to shake, I wanted to control myself but it was difficult, I just wanted to scream for pleasure. I experienced the most intense sensation that I had experienced while my hands were squeezing that gray blanket that covered my naked bottom, the orgasm ran all over my body from my vulva spreading all over my being, little moans were coming out of me, while I felt my flow coming out and her fingers still moving very quickly ufff…

    Immediately my body fell almost faded, the intensity of the moment had diminished, I had almost fainted, his movements had stopped, he pulled his hand out of my crotch, and whispered in my ear: “I liked it very much and you liked it”, to which I replied without thinking “I liked it”. She emitted a slight smile that was rewarded with a “thank you”. Then tiredness took over our bodies, entering into a deep, already relaxed sleep….. When he woke up he was still by my side, and he didn’t say anything and I didn’t dare to do it, now I wonder if it was part of a dream or if I really lived it….. Only my blanket knows.”

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    Was worth waiting for you

    While I was waiting for you, only your absence came to find me,
    My arms were asking for your skin,
    my lips for your kisses
    and my eyes by the glow of yours,
    the intensity of the cold was distressing me
    and you weren’t here to keep me warm.

    You said you’d come back, but my hope faded,
    I just wanted to look at you in my bed again
    and no longer feel your absence,
    my hopes and dreams were dissipating
    turning into sorrows.

    The immense distance opened a great abyss to our love,
    and even though I was sailing in a sea of doubt, I knew you’d come back.
    Although the years have passed and it is not the same,
    I’ll still be there for you;
    And if I didn’t meet you on your arrival
    these letters will reveal my story,
    every word, every drop of ink,
    will translate my life into your waiting.
    Then you know I’ve always had my eye on the horizon
    longing for your return, among flowers in spring,
    countless summers, harsh winters,
    and dry autumn leaves.

    Then you’ll know that even though in my reality you weren’t,
    In my dreams I could touch you,
    then you’ll know that the desire to see you clouded my gaze,
    forgetting a world that judged.

    And if you find me, don’t say anything, I won’t ask for anything. Just stay right here,
    because I don’t want to leave this world without a cup of coffee by your side,
    caressing your hand and feeling a warm hug that says it was worth waiting for you

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    Gracias por leerme