When you write

When you write, you express yourself,
paper captures the purest feelings,
your imagination transports you and
the feelings of the soul take hold of you.

When you write you believe.
your muse comes in through the window,
looks you in the eye
and give tunes to your fingers.

When you write, you get naked,
loves, fears, fears and dislikes
they come from the deep end,
they wander through your memories.

When you write, you let off steam,
you live and dream and create an unimaginable world.
You multiply life, you conquer death,
you are untouchable and eternal.

When you write you feel, you get ideas
occur in your head without permission,
and you get them out of you because you’ve been beaten;
passion takes over you, your emotions.
and dare to bewitch the world.

When you write you perceive the freedom
because you’re so full of life that death doesn’t exist….


You decided to wait….

You have decided to wait for a love that fills every moment of your life, that knows your delusions, that loves your ghosts, fears and doubts.

You’ve decided to wait for love,
to accept your longings, dreams and illusions,
that are part of your life and
to surrender to them without fear.

You’ve decided to wait for love,
to wipe away the tears of that treacherous man,
to remove the scars from your heart,
and leave behind dismal memories of gray, colorless days

A love that releases your passion and fantasies,
the one who holds your hand before the world,
to open up his soul, his spirit and
his whole being with nothing in return,
without fears or complexes.

You decided to wait for a love,
without the certainty of who he’ll be or where he’ll be,
but in the hope of an encounter on a road,
a path that leads to dreams,
a path full of promises kept,
a path to happiness….

You decided to wait for love,
and though indolent weather,
to show you the years in front of the mirror,
your conviction shelters that being,
that you know will be there at the end for you.
You decided to wait for a love….

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Dizzying companion!

So impetuous, and cruel at times.
leaving wounds, experiences,
going on in my life without a break,
feeling like you have the power.

Your lightness scares me, I’d like to stop you!
I can’t control you even if I wanted to,
So it’s all up to you?
sometimes I feel like you were my enemy,
others so dear in my life.

I know, you heal my wounds,
thanks to you in the face of adversity, I look to the horizon,
leaving bitter moments to be forgotten.
But you also wear me out,
you make me weak,
your inexorable presence overwhelms me.

In you I look for moments trapped,
clean, vivid memories,
remembrances that make me smile.

And though you will escape my fleeting life at some point,
your passing will leave scars, marks, signs
and you’ll continue to make your mark in the mirror,
before that last breath when I say goodbye to you, Time…

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Vertiginoso acompañante

Tan impetuoso, y cruel a veces
dejando heridas, vivencias,
pasando en mi vida sin tregua,
sintiendo que tienes el poder.

Tu ligereza me asusta ¡quisiera detenerte!
No puedo controlarte aunque quisiera,
¿Entonces todo depende de ti?
a veces siento que eras mi enemigo,
otras tan entrañable en mi vida.

Lo sé, sanas mis heridas,
gracias a ti ante la adversidad, miro el horizonte,
dejando en el olvido amargos momentos.
Pero también me fatigas,
me haces débil,
tu inexorable presencia me agobia.

En ti busco instantes atrapados,
recuerdos limpios y vivos,
remembranzas que me hagan sonreír.

Y aunque escaparás de mi fugaz vida en algún momento,
tu paso dejará cicatrices, marcas, señales
y seguirás dejando tu huella en el espejo,
antes de ese ultimo suspiro cuando me despida de ti, Tiempo…

In the DARK!

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IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq

A look immersed in fear, subjugated, possessed without permission, vexed in the deepest depths, you are hurt, bloodied, trying to free yourself.
He has left you there in an inhospitable place, without a ray of light. Darkness torments you; death sits beside you, you can feel it. Terror takes hold of you. imagen 3 mirando a la derecha
IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq Yes, you were wrong. Temptation knocked on your door, led you to madness, passion, dominated your reason.
Then he had drunk; his jealousy violated your being, his blows unleashed his rage, his anger… your betrayal drove him mad.
You want to get out of hell, you think about that little boy, desire makes you strong, you want to get out, you want to live; then you scream, but they are empty screams, like screams in silence.
Loneliness is with you, uncertainty overwhelms you. The cold burns your skin and the fear tucks it in. You think, you take a deep breath, you beg for your life, then you get out of it.
imagen 3 mirando a la derecha
IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq The door opens, it’s there again. You take a piece of wood, you attack his back, but his strength is greater.
He grabs you by the hair, he manages to throw you to the ground. You beg for the one who is waiting for you at home, but the aversion deafens him, his dark gaze shows you the way, you cry out to God, because you can do nothing…

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