Alessandra’s Diary: “Only my blanket knows.”

“My flight was leaving at 9:00:00, everything was ready, my destination was my beloved Spain, my second home, I was going to visit my grandparents, after my divorce I thought the best thing was to distract myself a little, see other horizons, a vacation would not hurt me at all…. Already on the plane, very comfortable in my comfortable first class seat, a girl sits next to me, tall brunette, with little makeup, a ponytail, a sweater and jeans, not so young perhaps 32 years old, smiled as she said good night…. She was looking for conversation, I was looking for conversation, I, as always a little shy, we got a little confident, we talked about the weather and the unstable temperatures in the world, about the unseasoned food of the planes, I told her that I was coming from a recent divorce anyway…I felt that she, more than I, was looking for dialogue, but we had a harmonious conversation, not too long…

After a while I felt a little tired, so I took my pillow, put on my mask that I usually wear on my long trips to get to sleep, took my gray blanket, (my first companion on trips) and put it on me, she told me I felt a little cold, her coat was in her suitcase and had not noticed to bring it in her handbag, my blanket was big enough and I invited her to take part of it. After about 20 minutes approximately, there was an apparently casual touch of her hands on my leg, I did not give it much importance, but then it was repeated again, it was then when I quickly took off my mask, she, only stared at me, the lights were already off, when asked if anything was wrong just whispered: everything is fine…

After a while it happened again, she put her hand in my crotch, I admit I didn’t know what to do at the time, I was flabbergasted in my seat thinking whether to shout, hit her, push her, call the purser, but I felt ashamed, as she kept stroking me with her fingers under my blanket. His cynicism knew no bounds, he thought, but I do not know why I did not avoid it. After a while he unzipped my pants and when his hands reached my panties I knew I couldn’t do anything anymore, I didn’t want to be exposed, they were mixed feelings.

In spite of this, I tried to close my legs to avoid her touching me, but she was still there, my gaze went away, as if to hide what was happening even though everyone on the plane was sleeping, I just wanted her to stop doing it, I didn’t know how to react, suddenly she reached my clitoris and caressed it with her fingers again and again, Without realizing it, I started to get excited, I couldn’t deny it, the heat was getting more and more intense even without wanting it, it was something I couldn’t control, I felt that I was getting wet, she, as if nothing was happening, cynical and indifferent, her eyes kept them closed but her hands and fingers were playing with my vulva, but what was going on? I’ve never experienced anything like this before, in fact I’m not a lesbian, I told myself. When I tried to move I just spread my legs more, which allowed the girl to put her fingers inside me even more and move them freely, there I realized that there was nothing I could do and I decided to just wait for it to finish soon.

I only set out to look through the window, as if nothing was happening, while she was still there, damaging my intimacy, which was already very humid. After a few minutes I began to feel that I was making involuntary movements, I began to move back and forth, I couldn’t help it, I liked to do it, I knew it was crazy, but I wanted to experience it, and although in a tiny moment I stopped to think about the madness I was doing, I immediately left reason behind and just let myself go…

My hips were still moving, the swaying was faster and faster, she fixed her gaze on me for a moment, smiled, closed her eyes, as she continued to caress the opening of my crotch inside and out with even faster movements. It was crazy, I know, but my imagination began to fly and fantasize, my excitement was more and more intense, without thinking about it I got up a little more and lowered my pants down to my knee, realizing that no one had seen me, no one except her, of course, that with a surprised expression on her face, she only said “perfect” which gave more freedom to the manual game and now also pinking a little under that accomplice blanket, my breasts, although with less intensity, since it could be more evident.

Without realizing it, a spontaneous groan came out of me, my concentration was unique, I was devoted to her and to her game, my legs now even more open, they invited her to continue… I could never have imagined living something like this, but at that moment I just wanted to enjoy it and not finish it yet. His movements were perfect, at that moment I began to feel a great heat in my body, the orgasm had arrived, intense and furious as always, full of energy, hot and very humid, my body began to shake, I wanted to control myself but it was difficult, I just wanted to scream for pleasure. I experienced the most intense sensation that I had experienced while my hands were squeezing that gray blanket that covered my naked bottom, the orgasm ran all over my body from my vulva spreading all over my being, little moans were coming out of me, while I felt my flow coming out and her fingers still moving very quickly ufff…

Immediately my body fell almost faded, the intensity of the moment had diminished, I had almost fainted, his movements had stopped, he pulled his hand out of my crotch, and whispered in my ear: “I liked it very much and you liked it”, to which I replied without thinking “I liked it”. She emitted a slight smile that was rewarded with a “thank you”. Then tiredness took over our bodies, entering into a deep, already relaxed sleep….. When he woke up he was still by my side, and he didn’t say anything and I didn’t dare to do it, now I wonder if it was part of a dream or if I really lived it….. Only my blanket knows.”

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¡Manos a la obra! conviértete en el mejor amante…

En definitiva nuestras manos tienen un papel protagónico en los encuentros sexuales, ellas sin duda alguna darán un plus importante a la relación sexual agregando ese toque de sensualidad y creatividad que harán ese momento realmente placentero.

“Saber cómo utilizar las manos durante el sexo nos permite llevar la creatividad sexual hacia otro nivel”, Marianne Brandon

Si, es cierto, lo hombres son tal vez mas ansiosos que las chicas, algunos son mas directos y digamos que se van por el camino corto, directo a la penetración, por el contrario las chicas requieren mas estimulación previa al momento del coito para así lograr un orgasmo verdaderamente placentero.

Las caricias previas y durante ese momento especial van a determinar la satisfacción real del momento causando sensaciones explosivas y de esta manera llegar al ansiado orgasmo más fácilmente, cosa que en el caso de las mujeres mayormente no es experimentado en muchos casos, debido a la falta de una adecuada estimulación previa, así que deja la monotonía, ir al grano o directo a la penetración no es lo recomendable si quieres ser un excelente e inolvidable amante así que “Manos a la obra”

¿Cómo logro esa explotación de placer con las manos?

Las caricias: son fundamentales considerando que nuestro cuerpo tiene gran cantidad de terminaciones nerviosas en algunas zonas específicas más que en otras, en el caso de los hombres tiene gran cantidad de éstas en la base del pene, tus caricias en esa área causará una concentración sanguínea que sin duda le hará sentir gran excitación.
En el caso de las mujer las sensaciones mas excitantes son causadas por la estimulación del clítoris por lo cual es recomendable usar tus dedos mágicos en esta zona haciendo diversos movimientos e incluso penetrando en la vagina alguno de ellos,pero no te limites solo a estas zonas, la espalda, el vientre, las piernas también son un blanco fácil de gran excitación.
Tomar su rostro durante el beso: un beso siempre será algo especial pero cuando llevas tus manos a su cara con delicadeza generas confianza y seguridad en tu pareja, centras tu atención en ella haciéndola sentir lo más importante de momento.
Guíalo a lo que te gusta: si ves que tu chico o chica se muestra algo tímido con sus manos ayúdale un poco, toma una de ellas y muéstrale el camino tú mismo a lo que te gusta, llévalo a recorres tu cuerpo y por qué no? también el suyo esto le dará más confianza para atreverse a tocar zonas a las cuales no se atrevía inicialmente; cuando lo hagas hazle saber cuanto te gusta bien sea a través de gemidos o sencillamente manifiestalo directamente un “Me encanta eso”siempre ayudará.
Manos durante el sexo oral: mientras llevas a cabo esta práctica tus manos pueden servir de mucho, así que dale la utilidad necesaria. el hombre puede intercalar su lengua y sus dedos simulando la penetración, también tocar sus pechos, nalgas muslos. En el caso de las féminas las caricias en los testículos, mientras se ejecuta la acción oral, es realmente placentera para el hombre, de igual manera acariciar sus piernas, el pecho no esta demás.
Toma su cabello: Con sutileza, toma su cabello mientras sea posible esto por supuesto dependerá de la posición sexual en la que se encuentren , generalmente resulta placentero y mas frecuente durante el sexo oral lo que genera una sensación de empoderamiento sobre la otra persona y para muchos resulta excitante, es importante recalcar que esta acción debe hacerse con precaución, puesto que al hacer jalones fuertes causará incomodidad desviándose la atención de acto sexual.


Las manos desempeñan gran versatilidad de funciones, así que deja a un lado la timidez, no seas aburrido, imprime creatividad al momento, solo relájate, los masajes también podrían ser una excelente opción previo al momento sexual, tus manos tienen magia, ellas como se dijo al comienzo de esta publicación, te llevaran a ser un excelente amante así que comienza a usarlas quitando su ropa con gentileza, acaricia sutilmente, recorre cada parte de su cuerpo. comienza lentamente y luego incrementa la velocidad (dependiendo del gusto de la pareja) y entrégate a la pasión y el placer.

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Was worth waiting for you

While I was waiting for you, only your absence came to find me,
My arms were asking for your skin,
my lips for your kisses
and my eyes by the glow of yours,
the intensity of the cold was distressing me
and you weren’t here to keep me warm.

You said you’d come back, but my hope faded,
I just wanted to look at you in my bed again
and no longer feel your absence,
my hopes and dreams were dissipating
turning into sorrows.

The immense distance opened a great abyss to our love,
and even though I was sailing in a sea of doubt, I knew you’d come back.
Although the years have passed and it is not the same,
I’ll still be there for you;
And if I didn’t meet you on your arrival
these letters will reveal my story,
every word, every drop of ink,
will translate my life into your waiting.
Then you know I’ve always had my eye on the horizon
longing for your return, among flowers in spring,
countless summers, harsh winters,
and dry autumn leaves.

Then you’ll know that even though in my reality you weren’t,
In my dreams I could touch you,
then you’ll know that the desire to see you clouded my gaze,
forgetting a world that judged.

And if you find me, don’t say anything, I won’t ask for anything. Just stay right here,
because I don’t want to leave this world without a cup of coffee by your side,
caressing your hand and feeling a warm hug that says it was worth waiting for you

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Gracias por leerme

Volverte a vivir…

Mientras te esperaba, solo tu ausencia venía a encontrarme,
mis brazos preguntaban por tu piel,
mis labios por tus besos,
y mis ojos por el brillo de los tuyos,
la intensidad del frió me acongojaba,
y no estabas aquí para abrigarme,
tantas veces perdí la fe.
Dijiste que volverías , pero mi esperanza desvanecía,
solo quería contemplarte en mi lecho nuevamente,
y no seguir palpando tu ausencia,
mis sueños y esperanzas se disipaban
convirtiéndose en penas y tristezas,
La inmensa lejanía abría
un gran abismo a nuestro amor,
y aunque navegaba
en un mar de dudas, sabía que volverías.
Aunque los años pasaron y no seamos los mismos,
aun estaré para ti,
Y si no me encontrara a tu llegada
estas letras revelaran mi historia,
cada palabra, cada gota de tinta,
traducirá mi vida en tu espera.
Entonces sabrás que siempre estuve con la vista al horizonte
anhelando tu regreso entre flores en primavera,
innumerables veranos,inclementes inviernos,
y secas hojas de otoño.
Entonces sabrás que aunque en mi realidad no estabas,
en mi sueños podía tocarte,
entonces sabrás que el deseo de verte nubló mi mirar,
olvidando un mundo que juzgaba.
y si acaso me encontrases nada digas, nada preguntaré
solo quédate aquí,
porque no quiero partir de este mundo sin tomar un café a tu lado,
sin tomar tu mano, y sin sentir un cálido abrazo que me diga
que valió la pena esperar para volverte a vivir…

Sol,arboles,banco,joven,anciana,leyendo,ancianos,rosa separador.

Gracias por leerme

Doggy love

Love, loyalty, transparency,
they fully describe you,
there’s no such thing as contempt with you,
the loneliness dissipates.
The warmth of your presence enfolds me,
and your wet kisses are my inspiration.
You are the essence of the purest love,
of friendship, of joy.
My little girl, my Pamela
Always there, always by my side,
talking to me with your eyes
expressing your fervor to me.
You can see my joy, you can also hear my sadness,
you soothe my pain with your hairy caresses,
giving the most genuine of a pure soul.
Never can love be so sublime,
Never can a love be so faithful,
I’m lucky to have you,
to know goodness,
and the meaning of love,
without waiting any longer.
She is my Pame….


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The last image is of my property, it was taken with my Canon camera to my pet.

Were we lovers?

Today I dreamt you again,
showing you insatiable and seductive,
your hands covered all my skin,
and I wanted to sink into yours, were we lovers?

In my dream
there were no masks, no hiding places,
they didn’t exist,
you were no longer in other arms,
nor I in another look,
your eyes were moist with love
and in turn with desire,
How to describe it?
Were we lovers?

Your perfume was soaked in my skin,
and in bed we’d lie down peacefully,
like ripping the weariness out of our sides,
with his hands clasped together,
vibrating at the touch of an anxious skin.
Were we lovers?

We danced frantically….
Your eyes penetrating mine, I open to your wide sea,
wanting to drown me, not want to get out of it,
become one, unraveling our minds,
venting the desire to feel…
In another life we were lovers?

I don’t know if we were lovers,
but every time I meet them, the glances are on,
they betray the desire, in each greeting the words want to stay,
and though I fantasize about caresses never given,
and our lives are like at each end of a bridge,
I will cross that abyss in my fantasies,
and I will blindly keep touching you,
smelling your perfume,
imagining the moment when we lose our senses,
and surrender to freedom.
Maybe if we were lovers…

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Ganas de ti…



Una cálida mirada,
que me desnuda al pasar,
me sumerjo en fantasías,
llevas mi mente a volar.

Me acaricias sin tocarme,
y no quiero desistir,
de vivirnos un instante,
gana el deseo de sentir.


Esperar sería un tormento,
mis poros gritan por ti,
mi cuerpo desea el tuyo,
no te tardes, ven por mí.

Un encuentro inevitable,
llevó al momento anhelado,
un beso da inicio a todo,
te metiste entre mis brazos,
caricias desesperadas…

…la dulce miel de tus labios,
tus manos entre las mías,
entre sábanas peleamos,
una lucha de dominio,
se desata, no esperamos.



Entonces haces tu entrada,
furioso salvaje amado,
te recibo entre caricias,
mis piernas te han atrapado,
mis pechos los haces tuyos,
como un loco desesperado.

Totalmente me estremeces,
tiembla mi cuerpo mojado,
fusionado en uno solo,
exquisito orgasmo has llegado.

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Prohibited to read

“Don’t do it”,”Don’t eat chocolate”,”Don’t look”,”I forbid you to go out.”
Have you ever wondered why we succumb to the forbidden?

Generally the individual tends to feel an attraction towards the unknown, this being perhaps an inherent characteristic of the human being, to know, to explore the unknown, but why the forbidden? why is what we should not do generally attractive to us? Do we like challenges? Taking on challenges? Or being irreverent? What’s behind all this or what’s the explanation for this behavior?
The human being since ancient times has had the interest to know, to investigate and to discover, that is to say, to go further, until reaching or reaching new limits, it is an attraction that leads the individual to satiate that need and curiosity to know even more about something, sometimes transgressing rules or norms and assuming, in some cases, the consequences of it.

“The only way to overcome a temptation is to let yourself be carried away by it.”
Oscar Wilde

But when we focus merely on the point of transgressing rules as mentioned above, we speak of what cannot or should not be done, that is, wanting to do something which, according to the rules imposed by society, is not permitted for man, and which could be sanctioned or judged, yet apparently everything that spells “forbidden” often seduces, attracts, and causes curiosity. Analyze it for a moment, review your actions and thoughts throughout your life and you will see that sometimes you have been tempted to do something that you know is not appropriate or that goes beyond the parameters set by society.
According to some sources consulted, this desire or need for what is forbidden is attributable to genetic and environmental factors, as biochemist Dean Hamer, of the U.S. National Cancer Center, who says there is a compatibility between courage and the D4DR gene, says Hamer that those who carry a particular version of the gene show a high incidence of risk and prohibition.

If we go further back in time, prohibition is nothing new, Adam and Eve, for example, gave in to the forbidden fruit and were punished for it, as we all know… Is it true that they say that prohibition is order but generates disorder?

If we pause a little to analyze the behavior of people, for example cases of infidelity, when we study this type of action and according to data or interviews conducted with those who have practiced this practice, they agree that breaking a rule generates a strong attraction, to get out of the monotony, the tingle, the emotion of doing something wrong or inadequate is what in many cases drives us to fall into this type of situation. Similarly, following a diet immediately comes to mind countless images of foods full of calories such as chocolates, ice cream, pizzas and cravings become the protagonists of the moment. Without a doubt, what is forbidden can generate emotion in certain people, temptations will always be very attractive, prohibitions lead us to want to go further. Perhaps if society were less restrictive there would be fewer infidelities, young addicts, early pregnancies and even fewer dietary failures…

What do you think about it?

I particularly think that what is forbidden is very subjective, it depends on our ideals, values, preferences, what we believe to be right and wrong, we are the ones who set limits and do it with those around us, perhaps not everything we forbid or forbid is harmful. All that remains is to keep thinking about this subject and well, not to fall into temptation, is it?
“Sinful and forbidden pleasures are like poisoned bread, they satisfy the appetite for the moment, but there is death in them at the end.

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