demons invaded you, rage wrapped you up,
impotence consumed your peace.
It was unavoidable not to think.
Tranquility? was not possible,
imagining him by his side overwhelmed you.

Insomnia had become your faithful companion,
the pain was great, your soul cried, sought peace,
but you couldn’t find it,
in between drinks you were wondering why he does it?
although you felt empty you wanted to see them,
to know what he was doing next to him, doing you even more harm.
Desolate you reproached yourself…
What happened to love? What was my mistake?
You felt something was missing in you… You were no longer as young as she perhaps,
or your skin so smooth that it drives him crazy,
there was no longer a slender figure that he walked around with his hands.
His absence made you feel irreparably mutilated, sometimes wishing to have him by your side, even giving you whirlwind caresses,
but give you peace of mind,
just waking up from that nightmare, just breathing again was your longing,
as before, as always.
Did you love him so much?
Your denial of reality drove you crazy,
then one Sunday afternoon you walked non-stop,
something taken and exhausted from so much pain,
the demons were still there, stalking your peace,
winning the game..
Then with your life you decided to end, then for a man you stopped fighting, throwing yourself into an abyss, the sea where your body lies today, which you thought would make you rest, now you are no longer ..
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