Frida: Inspirational, Brave and Warrior

Inspiring woman, brave and warrior, victim of adversities and setbacks of life, how did you endure so much? I admire your impetus and firmness, your courage, your boldness. Great friend of your father, renowned photographer, third of four brothers, with a difficult childhood and a disease afflicted your body as a child, yet you survived the misfortune.
It was at the age of 18, the most difficult moment for you, life is hard again, perhaps you would think that fate was raging and did not allow your happiness, then a terrible accident is part of your life leaving you prostrate in a bed for a long time, but there you became an artist, there you discovered a great hidden talent, there you understood what you carry inside and expressed it on the canvas, there you learned to interpret your feelings and show them to the world. Painting yourself was your passion, and an escape to your pain, saying “this is me”, filled you in spite of the circumstances.
After a while came love, sweet but at the same time bitter, the maturity of a gentleman who perhaps made you feel protected, safe, and whom you loved passionately, but who brought with him stormy moments, disdains and infidelities, painful betrayals and thus the hard news of your inability to procreate as a sequel to that terrible circumstance. It was a difficult stage, and he, Diego, a love that as you said left you “emotionally invalid”, moments of confusion, challenges, failures but also successes where 200 paintings, including more than 50 self-portraits expressed your being, your physical and emotional pain, they were your relief and brought out the deepest part of your being and the world could know it.
This great and most original artist from Mexico dies on July 13, 1954, at the age of just 47 with the desire to be cremated, “When I die, burn my body…I don’t want to be buried. I have spent a lot of time lying down, simply burn it! Her ashes today rest in the same house where she was born, today the Frida Khalo Museum, as they say to be there is to feel her presence, it is the sensation of walking around the place still intact, as I leave it.
An inspiring, brave and warrior woman….

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