Dreams on pause…

With sadness you look in the mirror, you’re not the same anymore,
Your body’s changed, your skin’s stained.
Tight clothing has been left behind.
that beautiful, youthful figure is a thing of the past..
They were magical moments,
in that moment lived your heart was flooded with stars,
in your stomach fluttered the so-called butterflies,
a teenage passion you lived, then you thought you knew love..
But the dream soon ended and the illusion vanished,
Your heart’s broken, that boy’s gone,
your innocence, your purity, it’s gone, but he’s left something in you…
You see them having fun and you miss those moments,
you want to be “normal”, like before, parties, friends,
but reality hits you at times
and those around you remind you of it every moment…
You’re still a child but with a life in your belly,
fear catches you, uncertainty overwhelms you
resignation and responsibility are now your options,
dreams have been paused, only paused…
But you assume it, wipe your tears and look at the world,
It won’t be easy, you’ve been told, but you walk in front of life,
and prepare for his arrival,
you will fill him with love, you tell him that every day and it will become your reason for being…

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