Night of Terror

They had barely moved into that house, although the locals looked at them insistently as if they wanted to warn something, they ignored them, they tried not to touch the inhabitants of that remote village. Laura, a beautiful young blonde with long hair and her mother, had been left alone, her father would have died in a car accident, her mother had acquired that house at a very good price, they wanted to be alone after living the sad moment of their loss.
It was a somewhat gloomy house, large and with long corridors. The first few nights were difficult for Laura, it was difficult for her to fall asleep, she usually left a lamp lit to sleep but the crackling of the strong winds constantly opened the windows and did not allow her to rest. As the days went by both of them became accustomed to the noises, to the strange details such as the long strands of black hair in various parts of the house

A few days later, on a cold Halloween night when a great storm was unleashed, a terrible nightmare awoke Laura, startled and with a hectic breath she immediately wanted to turn on the light but the electricity didn’t work, then a loud noise was heard on the upper floor. Terrified the girl wanted to get to her mother’s room while she felt the wall of the corridor in complete darkness, finding herself with an open door of one of the rooms, suddenly something pushed her towards the room, Laura shouted desperately to her mother but her cries could not be heard, the reflection of a flash of lightning allowed her to see in front of her a woman with white complexion and long black hair, terror seized her trying to run away after seeing that terrible woman, but it was in vain, the door closed tightly while that terrible specter emitted a Dantesque laughter, only the window was there, open, Laura only wanted to escape that night…

A year has passed since then, those who now live in that house have heard some noises trying to ignore them but little Daniel that cold Halloween night during a great storm did not let cry, the dog barked insistently, the mother after hearing a cry at the end of the corridor runs scared looking for the little one, but has only found in empty cot since then lost the reason … That night the locals heard again that frightful laughter, but this time from two women…

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