They only have you…

Do you really love him? Do you want him? Was he really part of your family?
Love for animals says a lot about human beings, they as helpless and innocent beings need our love. Many of us share in our homes with those wonderful beings who day by day give us all their love, loyalty, affection. When we arrive home after a long, difficult, heavy day, they receive us with the greatest love in the world, quickly beating their tail and running with joy from one side to the other, they are like that, noble and transparent.

They grew up with us, with our children, they are PART OF THE FAMILY, they are OUR FAMILY, so why the abandonment of these little ones? what happens to us? insensitivity has won us over? Why abandon them? They are like children, they cannot understand what happens when they are abandoned, they feel cold, hunger, they do not understand what is happening, they are no longer at home, they are disoriented.
I can’t help but feel an immense sadness when I see how the publications of abandoned animals in search of temporary or definitive homes are increasingly repeated, a great task that many foundations are doing. Very hungry animals in the street on the verge of death, unfortunately this is the reality lived in Venezuela, yes, it is true, but that will be the only solution? Abandon them? Give them away? It is time to reflect, Enough is enough!

Within my sadness I feel a great discomfort for those people who find it more facial to abandon these little ones, fortunately others with a big heart have done humanly possible to keep them by their side and even take them with them anywhere, that’s love, they are like their children, and would NEVER leave them. Yes, maybe they are diverse situations, maybe the circumstances are difficult and I make judgments a priori, but to do what is humanly possible for them is to give back that love they give us without conditions, hopefully we are more people with big hearts. Remember that They feel the same and only have you…

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