That’s enough

Enough is enough!
Enough of darkening my tranquility,
turn off my light and chain my life;
Enough of mitigating my smile,
of your blows, of your anger.

Enough is enough!
Enough of fears and fears,
to silence the absurd,
of threats of quarrels,
even in a cruel and mocking society.

Enough is enough!
Enough of amputating my longings,
to steal my dreams and goals,
manipulate feelings, isolate my ideas
to assassinate my dignity and lessen my sorrows…
… That’s enough!

Enough is enough, because my words are not mute,
because shame has been extinguished,
because courage came out to be free,
and my self-esteem has survived.
Enough of that scream drowned out in my throat,
of impotence, of brazenness,
to disguise of Hidalguía
the pain, the humiliation, the damage.

Enough is enough … because the gagged feeling,
in the darkness of a bad dream has dissipated,
and vexation severed the purest love,
that woman, who one day had clothed us…
It’s all over now.

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