Some days are gray, others a little….For a world without homophobia

Some days are gray, some days not so gray,
one more race to beat, sometimes you take it easy,
others, anger comes first…
It’s like a never-ending battle,
you take a deep breath,
there you go again, you look in the mirror and you say:
“I’m like that, so what!…”
You go out into the world…. with a sense of security, of power;
but, deep down, you’re scared.
They bother you,
insults and jokes are part of the day at school,
the homophobic speeches of some professors,
Anyway, try to ignore it;
you only dream it’ll be different,
you only dream of a world that accepts you,
you only dream about everything being perfect,
so you can hold hands with that special guy,
but… you only dream…
In your boring history class, you think about your family,
Your father’s gone, Mom’s upset,
though it has begun to approach again,
but your brother seems to hate you….
“Maybe I shouldn’t have been born, I’m a mistake.”
Your eyes are clouded for a moment,
but you’re back to reality, back to your hard reality,
the tears are hidden again.
You try to smile, and you do, sometimes with laughter,
you pretend that everything’s fine, that you’re happy, but inside you’re different;
You hide your sadness, you feel an internal explosion,
You want help, but those around you are part of the absurd.
In the solitude of your room, think of that special boy,
but you don’t know what to do……
Think of Dad and Mom’s suffering,
you think about those kids on the corner, that corner you hate so much,
You think you’re tired, you know you’re tired, you think you can’t take it anymore……
And think again about that idea,
that demon that’s after you, especially when loneliness is with you,
Suicide is an option, have you thought about it?
But no, no, no, no, no! Then you get up.
The sun rises again, because not every day is the same,
the dawn tells you there’s a battle to be fought,
hope is still alive, society will be a less cruel day
and the dreams will come true..
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