Organizational Climate… How to promote it in an optimal way?.

It is understood that the organizational climate refers to the internal environment among the members of the organization and is closely related to the motivation of those who are part of it, that is, its participants. However, regardless of how it is conceived, of the approach adopted, of the characterization or typologies of the climate, there is a significant consensus that the organizational climate is a dimension of quality of working life, with an influence on the development of the human talent of a company and therefore on its productivity.

In the same way, the organizational climate has a great effect on the behavior of the members of the organization, because it represents what is happening and, therefore, it will influence the disposition of the members to face their activities. An adequate climate will result in better performance, coordination, productivity and will make it possible to approach excellence.

When the working relationships between employees, managers and other managers are effective within a company, then the organizational climate will be highly optimal and high quality work will undoubtedly emerge.

It is important to mention that the organizational climate has been present in man since the beginning of each workday. In the twentieth century, new research trends began in this administrative area of great importance for any company, in terms of organization, in order to create an environment conducive to the worker, in order to better perform the work within the company.

Those who have the responsibility of being leaders of an organization or company, it is necessary that they are aware of the organizational climate that is lived among its employees and with all those entities or organizations, such as customers or suppliers with whom they generally maintain relationships

How to foster an optimal organizational climate in a company?

It is essential that for organizations, large and small, to make significant progress, they must be immersed in a good work environment that generates productivity and good relations among those who are part of it. In this sense, it is necessary that the working environment be satisfactory and stimulating for all. Among some aspects that can serve as a basis for fostering an optimal climate are described below:

  • Spread respect. It is very important to promote harmony, tolerance and respect among the staff, in order to generate good interpersonal relations between employees in any situation.
  • Maintain communication with employees. The existence of an adequate interaction between the manager or leader of the organization and the employees will allow not only to obtain or consider their opinions or ideas for the benefit of the company, but also to have knowledge of the problems or circumstances, discontents that could be generated in the personnel and to recognize those people who reduce its value and that in some way impede its progress.
  • Controlling crises at the company level. In difficult circumstances that the organization or company may be going through, it is of vital importance to keep calm and show the staff that you have control of the situation, thus generating confidence, this will help the working environment of the company
  • Take staff into account when making decisions. Under any circumstance, changes, new projects to be implemented in the organization it would be important to involve the staff through their opinions on the matter or propose solutions as the case may be.
  • Gain the employee’s trust. Recognizing the work of employees, recognizing their successes, thanking them for their work, will encourage staff to come closer and trust their superiors more, this will serve as an incentive to feel comfortable in the workplace and to go to the boss in case of any doubt or problem
  • As managers and leaders in an organization it is important to bear in mind that a pleasant work environment will have a direct impact on the productivity of the employee, perhaps it will not be an easy task and it will probably take some time to crystallize it, however there is no doubt that its implementation will bring multiple benefits, effective performance, consolidated work teams and consequently goals and objectives achieved in the organization.

    “The way an individual behaves depends not only on his or her personal characteristics, but also on the way he or she perceives his or her working environment and the components of his or her organization”.

    Kurt Lewin

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