Touch you!

Touch you, feel you, love you
Walk your being with the subtle rose of my fingers,
return me while I inhale your sweet scent
To climb your mountains to the top of them
and park there like I’m kissing the sky,
down to your leg again
To make you see the stars while your groans invade the moment.
Touch you and feel you, love you
My hands play at being naughty.
entering the place where pleasure awaits
wanting to awaken the desire that is in you
my breathing is agitated, my desire comes out even more
face to face, my breath next to yours, passion is the protagonist
desire cannot wait any longer
I suddenly enter you, your body receives me, he still wants more
Touch you, feel you, love you,
you claim my body as yours with every caress
And I obey your complaint.
giving up every corner of my being
longing to get to heaven with you.
Touch you, feel you, love you,
the time has come
your legs tremble, and squeeze my whole being
my back is a victim of your desires
the passion contained overflows
like a little death, like a resurrection of glory
as a spiritual connection between you and me
The spell is over.
our now languid bodies
they rest dejected by the battle
touch you, feel you, love you….


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