When you write

When you write, you express yourself,
paper captures the purest feelings,
your imagination transports you and
the feelings of the soul take hold of you.

When you write you believe.
your muse comes in through the window,
looks you in the eye
and give tunes to your fingers.

When you write, you get naked,
loves, fears, fears and dislikes
they come from the deep end,
they wander through your memories.

When you write, you let off steam,
you live and dream and create an unimaginable world.
You multiply life, you conquer death,
you are untouchable and eternal.

When you write you feel, you get ideas
occur in your head without permission,
and you get them out of you because you’ve been beaten;
passion takes over you, your emotions.
and dare to bewitch the world.

When you write you perceive the freedom
because you’re so full of life that death doesn’t exist….


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