You decided to wait….

You have decided to wait for a love that fills every moment of your life, that knows your delusions, that loves your ghosts, fears and doubts.

You’ve decided to wait for love,
to accept your longings, dreams and illusions,
that are part of your life and
to surrender to them without fear.

You’ve decided to wait for love,
to wipe away the tears of that treacherous man,
to remove the scars from your heart,
and leave behind dismal memories of gray, colorless days

A love that releases your passion and fantasies,
the one who holds your hand before the world,
to open up his soul, his spirit and
his whole being with nothing in return,
without fears or complexes.

You decided to wait for a love,
without the certainty of who he’ll be or where he’ll be,
but in the hope of an encounter on a road,
a path that leads to dreams,
a path full of promises kept,
a path to happiness….

You decided to wait for love,
and though indolent weather,
to show you the years in front of the mirror,
your conviction shelters that being,
that you know will be there at the end for you.
You decided to wait for a love….

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