Dizzying companion!

So impetuous, and cruel at times.
leaving wounds, experiences,
going on in my life without a break,
feeling like you have the power.

Your lightness scares me, I’d like to stop you!
I can’t control you even if I wanted to,
So it’s all up to you?
sometimes I feel like you were my enemy,
others so dear in my life.

I know, you heal my wounds,
thanks to you in the face of adversity, I look to the horizon,
leaving bitter moments to be forgotten.
But you also wear me out,
you make me weak,
your inexorable presence overwhelms me.

In you I look for moments trapped,
clean, vivid memories,
remembrances that make me smile.

And though you will escape my fleeting life at some point,
your passing will leave scars, marks, signs
and you’ll continue to make your mark in the mirror,
before that last breath when I say goodbye to you, Time…

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Thanks for reading me
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