In the DARK!

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IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq

A look immersed in fear, subjugated, possessed without permission, vexed in the deepest depths, you are hurt, bloodied, trying to free yourself.
He has left you there in an inhospitable place, without a ray of light. Darkness torments you; death sits beside you, you can feel it. Terror takes hold of you. imagen 3 mirando a la derecha
IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq Yes, you were wrong. Temptation knocked on your door, led you to madness, passion, dominated your reason.
Then he had drunk; his jealousy violated your being, his blows unleashed his rage, his anger… your betrayal drove him mad.
You want to get out of hell, you think about that little boy, desire makes you strong, you want to get out, you want to live; then you scream, but they are empty screams, like screams in silence.
Loneliness is with you, uncertainty overwhelms you. The cold burns your skin and the fear tucks it in. You think, you take a deep breath, you beg for your life, then you get out of it.
imagen 3 mirando a la derecha
IMAGEN 2 mirando a la izq The door opens, it’s there again. You take a piece of wood, you attack his back, but his strength is greater.
He grabs you by the hair, he manages to throw you to the ground. You beg for the one who is waiting for you at home, but the aversion deafens him, his dark gaze shows you the way, you cry out to God, because you can do nothing…

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